2019 To Do List

2019 To Do List

I wouldn’t exactly call these resolutions, per se, but these are the goals I’ve set for my daily routine for this year.

  1. Read at least 1 chapter of something.
  2. Do 2 lessons in Chinese or Spanish on Duolingo.
  3. Eat 3 servings of vegetables.
  4. Wash at least 4 dishes. (Historically, I’ve not been a help to my husband with this).
  5. Write at least 500 words.
  6. Put away 6 things.
  7. Walk 7,000 steps (I wear an old FitBit One).

The 1-7 thing was just for fun. Makes it easier to remember all of them too.

Last year, my goals were bigger—read 36 books, do 3 lessons on Duolingo, write 1,000 words, walk 10,000 steps—but I failed at every one of them regularly. It was easy to become frustrated with myself.

This year, I’m aiming a little lower and making it a little more fun for myself.

Perfectionism is a poison that pretends to be a vitamin. In 2019, embrace the fact that life will be messy and that’s okay.

Jon Acuff

Also, if you haven’t read Jon Acuffs latest book, Finish, you should. It’s awesome. And I’m not just saying that because I was on the book’s launch team. I’m saying it because I read the book, and it seriously changed the way I make plans and goals for myself.