<span style="font-weight:100;letter-spacing:3px">Outsmarting Time</span>

Outsmarting Time

What if the life she left behind is worth saving after all?


Laura Hanks Kline is a writer, book lover, graphic designer, and author of the time travel adventure novel Outsmarting Time (May 2020). Hanks Kline lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband, a couple of children,...
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4.3 ★★★★

4.1 ★★★★



“Kline really knows how to make an entrance on the literary scene.”

Indies Today

Outsmarting Time does exactly what a sci-fi should do; it messes with your head and feeds you pieces of information in a race to the end!”

Reedsy Discovery

“What happens when time ends up looking like an M. C. Escher artwork? […] This intelligently-crafted story offers clever twists and turns.”

Lorehaven Magazine

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If you're showing up here because you downloaded the book for free—HI! Welcome! I'm really glad you're here. With the...
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It’s Time!! Cover Reveal: Outsmarting Time (2023)

If you aren't following me on Instagram or Facebook, it's possible that you haven't heard the news that my book...
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Get a signed bookplate for your copy of Outsmarting Time!

I love getting books signed by the author, but sometimes it's just not possible. Since I can't be "in person" for everyone who buys a copy of Outsmarting Time, I'm excited to offer a way to get a personalized, signed bookplate sticker for you to put on the inside cover of your copy.
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I’ve Got News

It's been THREE years since my book Outsmarting Time was released, and I have NEWS. But first, some nostalgia. Ah,...
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I Have Stars in my Eyes

It was supposed to be overcast both nights of my birthday present star gazing/camping weekend... so we decided not to...
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YEAR TWO Kick-Off Event!

Happy 1st birthday, Outsmarting Time! It's been ONE YEAR(!?!) since my book released! One year of sweating the ratings and...
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