REVIEW from Reedsy Discovery

REVIEW from Reedsy Discovery

“What happens when time ends up looking like an M. C. Escher artwork? […] This intelligently-crafted story offers clever twists and turns.”

Lorehaven Magazine

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OUTSMARTING TIME does exactly what a sci-fi read should do; it messes with your head and feeds you pieces of information as you race to the end!

Edie’s failing at life and avoiding her mom’s calls, but then she’s taken away from everything she knows…she’s taken into the future. 

Time travel is confusing, but Kline does a great job explaining the mechanics behind it and the time paradox that Edie eventually finds herself in. But that’s jumping ahead!

Edie wakes up and finds herself in the future, feeling basically like she’s been hit with a truck. There’s a nurse there, Ara, who does her best to calm Edie down without actually telling her anything helpful. Which leaves Edie struggling to cope with time travel and the new technology.

Coca Cola and Oreos will be happy to hear they’re still around, and taste the same, in 2067. It’s comforting to have a couple of things the same when you’re trying to learn how to access futuristic internet in order to track down your family. 

Thankfully, she’s made friends with her security guard, Wade, and with his and Ara’s help she sneaks out. Free, she’s able to find out what really happened to her family and she decides she has to get back to fix the past, both for her family and for Wade’s dead wife. Only, Edie soon finds out that going back in time makes quite the paradox.

OUTSMARTING TIME is full of well-placed hints that you don’t catch until much later and has a satisfying ending. A great pick if you’re in the mood for a time-travel with a bit of mystery and compelling storyline!