REVIEW from Indies Today

“Kline really knows how to make an entrance on the literary scene.”

Indies Today

While a job as a barista may pay the bills, it certainly isn’t the career that Edie Donne had planned for herself. With a strained relationship with her parents and only a trio of goldfish for company, Edie begins to do some serious soul searching. Before she can even make a list to help sort out her life, Edie is abruptly and violently torn from the life she knows. Although it becomes difficult for Edie to verify the details, she wakes up fifty years and a number of unconscious days in the future. To make matters worse, once she is convinced of her displacement in time, she discovers that all of her family has been long dead. Even with the help of some unexpected allies, Edie will have to race against time in order to save her family. But will she be able to save herself?

Laura Kline really knows how to make an entrance on the literary scene. Outsmarting Time is an intelligently written and thoroughly well thought out novel that is sure to please. The science is sound, but not too heavy. The characters are dynamic, acting in seemingly plausible ways despite such an outrageous situation. Although not a humor book, there are a few laugh out loud moments. The addition of one the most bizarrely plotted love triangles of all time makes Outsmarting Time an award worthy novel. Highest praise goes to Laura Kline for writing such an enjoyable story!