I’ve Got News

I’ve Got News

It’s been THREE years since my book Outsmarting Time was released, and I have NEWS.

But first, some nostalgia.

Ah, 2020. It was a different time… I had such high hopes for my book launch… I had a party planned in my head with my book cover on a cake and all kinds of time travel-related giveaways, but then COVID hit in earnest in my area. Needless to say, all the plans went out the window for two solid years. Honestly, it almost feels like a different lifetime!

Regardless of the timing issues (ironic, considering the novel’s themes), it’s been such a blast over the last three years to go from having a just few of my friends and family read the book… to a few strangers here and there… to thousands of readers in eleven different countries!

It’s up to 60 ratings & reviews on Amazon (holding steady at 4.3 stars):

AND 43 ratings & reviews on GoodReads (4.1 stars).

So, what’s the BIG NEWS?

I’m excited to announce that in just ONE WEEK, I’m re-releasing Outsmarting Time with…

a gorgeous new cover design…
PLUS a brand new HARDCOVER version

Want a sneak peek?

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